The crunchy-collect container provides real time metrics about the PostgreSQL database via an API. These metrics are scraped and stored by a Prometheus time-series database and are then graphed and visualized through the open source data visualizer Grafana.

The crunchy-collect container uses pgMonitor for advanced metric collection. It is required that the crunchy-postgres container has the PGMONITOR_PASSWORD environment variable to create the appropriate user (ccp_monitoring) to collect metrics.

Custom queries to collect metrics can be specified by the user. By mounting a queries.yml file to /conf on the container, additional metrics can be specified for the API to collect. For an example of a queries.yml file, see here


The crunchy-collect Docker image contains the following packages (versions vary depending on PostgreSQL version):

Environment Variables


Name Default Description
DATA_SOURCE_NAME None The URL for the PostgreSQL server’s data source name. This is required to be in the form of postgresql://. The user should be ccp_monitoring and use the PGMONITOR_PASSWORD value set in the PostgreSQL container.


Name Default Description
DISABLE_NODE_EXPORTER false Set this to true to disable node exporter in the collect container.
CRUNCHY_DEBUG FALSE Set this to true to enable debugging in logs. Note: this mode can reveal secrets in logs.