Crunchy Scheduler

The Crunchy Scheduler container implements a cronlike microservice within a namespace to automate backups of a PostgreSQL database.

Currently Crunchy Scheduler only supports two types of tasks:

  • pgBackRest
  • pgBaseBackup

This service watches Kubernetes for config maps with the label crunchy-scheduler=true. If found the scheduler will parse the data found in the config map (json object) and convert it to a scheduled task. If the config map is removed, the scheduler will delete the task.

See the following examples for creating config maps that Crunchy Scheduler can parse:

The Crunchy Scheduler requires a Service Account to create jobs (pgBaseBackup) and to exec (pgBackRest). See the link:[scheduler example] for the required permissions on this account.

Crunchy Scheduler uses the UTC timezone for all schedules.

pgBackRest Schedules

To configure Crunchy Scheduler to create pgBackRest backups the following is required:

  • pgBackRest schedule definition requires a deployment name. The PostgreSQL pod should be created by a deployment.

pgBaseBackup Schedules

To configure Crunchy Scheduler to create pgBaseBackup scheduled backups, the following is required:

When using pgBaseBackup schedules, it may be required to apply specific supplementalGroups or an fsGroup to the backup job created by the scheduler. To apply a specific securityContext for your storage provider, mount a backup-template.json to /configs on the scheduler pod.

For an example of applying a custom template, link:[see the schedule example].

Kubernetes and OpenShift

First, start the PostgreSQL example created for the Scheduler by running the following commands:

# Kubernetes
cd $CCPROOT/examples/kube/scheduler/primary

The pod created should show a ready status before proceeding.

Next, start the scheduler by running the following command:

# Kubernetes
cd $CCPROOT/examples/kube/scheduler

Once the scheduler is deployed, register the backup tasks by running the following command:

# Kubernetes
cd $CCPROOT/examples/kube/scheduler

The scheduled tasks will (these are just for fast results, not recommended for production):

  • take a backup every minute using pgBaseBackup
  • take a full pgBackRest backup every even minute
  • take a diff pgBackRest backup every odd minute

View the logs for the scheduler pod until the tasks run:

${CCP_CLI?} logs scheduler -f

View the pgBaseBackup pods results after the backup completes:

${CCP_CLI?} logs <basebackup pod name>

View the pgBackRest backups via exec after the backup completes:

${CCP_CLI?} exec -ti <primary deployment pod name> -- pgbackrest info

Clean up the examples by running the following commands: