The crunchy-pgbackrest-repo container acts as a pgBackRest remote repository for the Postgres cluster to use for storing archive files and backups.

See the pgBackRest guide for more details.


The following volumes are mounted by the crunchy-pgbackrest-repo container:

  • /backrestrepo volume used by the pgbackrest backup tool to store pgBackRest archives
  • /pgdata volume is not used by this container, but required by the crunchy-pgbackrest parent container.
  • /sshd volume that contains the SSHD configuration from the backrest-repo-config secret


The crunchy-backrest-repo image contains the following packages:

  • pgBackRest (2.31)
  • CentOS 7, UBI 8 - publicly available
  • UBI 7, UBI 8 - customers only

Environment Variables

Name Default Description
CRUNCHY_DEBUG FALSE Set this to true to enable debugging in logs. Note: this mode can reveal secrets in logs.
MODE None Sets the container mode. Accepted values are pgbackrest, pgbackrest-repo and pgbackrest-restore.
PGBACKREST_DB_PATH None PostgreSQL data directory. (deprecated)
PGBACKREST_DB_HOST None PostgreSQL host for operating remotely via SSH. (deprecated)
PGBACKREST_LOG_PATH None Path where log files are stored.
PGBACKREST_PG1_PORT None Port that PostgreSQL is running on.
PGBACKREST_PG1_SOCKET_PATH None PostgreSQL unix socket path.
PGBACKREST_REPO_PATH None Path where backups and archive are stored.
PGBACKREST_STANZA None Defines the backup configuration for a specific PostgreSQL database cluster. Must be set to the desired stanza for restore.