Crunchy Data Container Suite

Crunchy Container Suite is a collection of container images for PostgreSQL databases and various tools to manage them. The container images provided aim to be highly configurable, easy to deploy and reliable.

The suite is cloud agnostic and certified for production deployment with leading container platform technologies. Crunchy Container Suite supports all major public clouds and enables enables hybrid cloud deployments.

Crunchy Container Suite includes:

  • Compatibility with Docker, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, VMWare Enterprise PKS
  • Cloud-agnostic: build your own database-as-a-service in any public, private, or hybrid cloud
  • No forks: 100% open source, native PostgreSQL
  • Backup, restore, & disaster recovery for terabytes of data
  • Graphical database administration tools for simple point-and-click database management
  • Open source database monitoring and graphing tools to help analyze and create administration strategies
  • PostGIS, robust open source GIS 🌎 functionality, included by default
  • Access to certified builds for Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL
  • No proprietary software licensing fees

Why Crunchy Containers?

Enterprise production PostgreSQL deployments require more than just a database. Advanced capabilities like high availability, high-performant disaster recovery for terabytes of data, and monitoring solutions are requirements for your enterprise database cluster.

By providing the necessary microservices, including containers for scaling, high-availability, disaster recovery, monitoring, and more, Crunchy Container Suite will meet your production compliance, security, and performance requirements and give you a trusted open source database experience.

Elastic PostgreSQL

From creating uniformly managed, cloud-native production deployments to allowing your engineering team to provision databases that meet your compliance requirements, Crunchy Container Suite gives your organization the flexibility to deploy your own personalized database-as-a-service tailored to your needs.

Open Source For Enterprise

Crunchy Container Suite comes with essential open source tools for PostgreSQL management at scale, and lets you use powerful extensions like geospatial management with PostGIS.

Compliance At Scale

Deploy Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL with Crunchy Container Suite to harness the security of a Common Criteria EAL 2+ certified database on trusted platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift or Pivotal Container Service.