The documentation website is generated using Hugo.

Hosting Hugo Locally (Optional)

If you would like to build the documentation locally, view the official Installing Hugo guide to set up Hugo locally.

The git submodule for the crunchy-hugo-theme has to be synched -

git submodule init
git submodule update

You can then start the server by running the following commands -

cd $CCPROOT/docs/
hugo server

The local version of the Hugo server is accessible by default from localhost:1313. Once you’ve run hugo server, that will let you interactively make changes to the documentation as desired and view the updates in real-time.

Contributing to the Documentation

All documentation is in Markdown format and uses Hugo weights for positioning of the pages.

The current production release documentation is updated for every tagged major release.

When you’re ready to commit a change, please verify that the documentation generates locally.