Custom Configuration of PostgreSQL Container

Custom Configuration

You can use your own version of the SQL file setup.sql to customize the initialization of database data and objects when the container and database are created.

This works by placing a file named setup.sql within the /pgconf mounted volume directory. Portions of the setup.sql file are required for the container to work; please see comments within the sample setup.sql file.

If you mount a /pgconf volume, crunchy-postgres will look at that directory for postgresql.conf, pg_hba.conf, pg_ident.conf, SSL server/ca certificates and setup.sql. If it finds one of them it will use that file instead of the default files.


This example can be run as follows for the Docker environment:

cd $CCPROOT/examples/docker/custom-config

Kubernetes and OpenShift

Running the example:

cd $CCPROOT/examples/kube/custom-config