The crunchy-pgadmin4 container executes the pgAdmin4 web application.

pgAdmin4 provides a web user interface to PostgreSQL databases. A sample screenshot is below:



The following features are supported by the crunchy-pgadmin4 container:

  • Expose port (5050 by default) which is the web server port.
  • Mount a certificate and key to the /certs directory and set ENABLE_TLS to true to activate HTTPS mode.
  • Set username and password for login via environment variables.


  • An emptyDir, with write access, must be mounted to the /run/httpd directory in OpenShift.


The crunchy-pgadmin4 Docker image contains the following packages (versions vary depending on PostgreSQL version):

  • PostgreSQL (15.2, 14.7, 13.10, 12.14 and 11.19)
  • pgAdmin4
  • UBI 8 - publicly available
  • UBI 8 - customers only

Environment Variables


Name Default Description
PGADMIN_SETUP_EMAIL None Set this value to the email address used for pgAdmin4 login.
PGADMIN_SETUP_PASSWORD None Set this value to a password used for pgAdmin4 login. This should be a strong password.
SERVER_PORT 5050 Set this value to a change the port pgAdmin4 listens on.
SERVER_PATH / Set this value to customize the path of the URL that will be utilized to access the pgAdmin4 web application.
ENABLE_TLS FALSE Set this value to true to enable HTTPS on the pgAdmin4 container. This requires a server.key and server.crt to be mounted on the /certs directory.


Name Default Description
CRUNCHY_DEBUG FALSE Set this to true to enable debugging in logs. Note: this mode can reveal secrets in logs.