The pgbasebackup-restore running mode restores a database using a pg_basebackup backup. Specifically, the container uses rsync to copy a pg_basebackup backup into a specified /pgdata directory.

The pgbasebackup-restore mode does not support point-in-time-recovery (PITR). If you would to create an environment that allows you to use PostgreSQL’s point-in-time-recovery capabilities, please use the crunchy-backrest container with a corresponding pgBackRest repository.

MODE: pgbasebackup-restore

Environment Variables


Name Default Description
MODE None Set to pgbasebackup-restore to run as pg_basebackup restore job
BACKUP_PATH None The path under the /backup volume containing the pg_basebackup that will be used for the restore (/backup should be excluded when providing the path)
PGDATA_PATH None The path under the /pgdata volume containing the restored database (/pgdata should be excluded when providing the path). The path specified will be created if it does not already exist.


Name Default Description
RSYNC_SHOW_PROGRESS false If set to true, the --progress flag will be enabled when running rysnc to copy the backup files during the restore
CRUNCHY_DEBUG false Set this to true to enable debugging in logs. Note: this mode can reveal secrets in logs.