Release date: 2019-10-17

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 4.13.

New features

Issue #3009 - Added Copy with headers functionality when copy data from Query Tool/View Data.
Issue #4778 - Implemented the Query Plan Analyser.
Issue #4823 - Include PostgreSQL 12 binaries in the container.


Issue #4628 - Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Unique Constraints.
Issue #4701 - Optimize Webpack to improve overall performance.

Bug fixes

Issue #3386 - Ensure backup a partition table should not backup the whole database.
Issue #4199 - Ensure that ‘ENTER’ key in the data filter should not run the query.
Issue #4590 - Fix issue where backup fails for schema name that needs quoting.
Issue #4728 - Highlighted the color of closing or opening parenthesis when user select them in CodeMirror.
Issue #4751 - Fix issue where export job fails when deselecting all the columns.
Issue #4753 - Fix an error where ‘false’ string is displayed when we add a new parameter in the Parameters tab, also clear the old value when the user changes the parameter name.
Issue #4755 - Ensure that pgAdmin should work behind reverse proxy if the inbuilt server is used as it is.
Issue #4756 - Fix issue where pgAdmin does not load completely if loaded in an iframe.
Issue #4760 - Ensure the search path should not be quoted for Database.
Issue #4768 - Ensure pgAdmin should work behind reverse proxy on a non standard port.
Issue #4769 - Fix query tool open issue on Internet Explorer.
Issue #4777 - Fix issue where query history is not visible in the query history tab.
Issue #4780 - Ensure the search path should not be quoted for Function, Procedure and Trigger Function.
Issue #4791 - Fix issue where VALID foreign keys show as NOT VALID in the SQL tab for tables.
Issue #4817 - Ensure the MAC OSX app should be notarized for Catalina.