52.19. pg_description

The catalog pg_description stores optional descriptions (comments) for each database object. Descriptions can be manipulated with the COMMENT command and viewed with psql 's \d commands. Descriptions of many built-in system objects are provided in the initial contents of pg_description .

See also pg_shdescription , which performs a similar function for descriptions involving objects that are shared across a database cluster.

Table 52.19. pg_description Columns

Column Type


objoid oid (references any OID column)

The OID of the object this description pertains to

classoid oid (references pg_class . oid )

The OID of the system catalog this object appears in

objsubid int4

For a comment on a table column, this is the column number (the objoid and classoid refer to the table itself). For all other object types, this column is zero.

description text

Arbitrary text that serves as the description of this object