52.21. pg_event_trigger

The catalog pg_event_trigger stores event triggers. See Chapter 40 for more information.

Table 52.21. pg_event_trigger Columns

Column Type


oid oid

Row identifier

evtname name

Trigger name (must be unique)

evtevent name

Identifies the event for which this trigger fires

evtowner oid (references pg_authid . oid )

Owner of the event trigger

evtfoid oid (references pg_proc . oid )

The function to be called

evtenabled char

Controls in which session_replication_role modes the event trigger fires. O = trigger fires in " origin " and " local " modes, D = trigger is disabled, R = trigger fires in " replica " mode, A = trigger fires always.

evttags text[]

Command tags for which this trigger will fire. If NULL, the firing of this trigger is not restricted on the basis of the command tag.