52.57. pg_ts_config

The pg_ts_config catalog contains entries representing text search configurations. A configuration specifies a particular text search parser and a list of dictionaries to use for each of the parser's output token types. The parser is shown in the pg_ts_config entry, but the token-to-dictionary mapping is defined by subsidiary entries in pg_ts_config_map .

PostgreSQL 's text search features are described at length in Chapter 12 .

Table 52.57. pg_ts_config Columns

Column Type


oid oid

Row identifier

cfgname name

Text search configuration name

cfgnamespace oid (references pg_namespace . oid )

The OID of the namespace that contains this configuration

cfgowner oid (references pg_authid . oid )

Owner of the configuration

cfgparser oid (references pg_ts_parser . oid )

The OID of the text search parser for this configuration