52.59. pg_ts_dict

The pg_ts_dict catalog contains entries defining text search dictionaries. A dictionary depends on a text search template, which specifies all the implementation functions needed; the dictionary itself provides values for the user-settable parameters supported by the template. This division of labor allows dictionaries to be created by unprivileged users. The parameters are specified by a text string dictinitoption , whose format and meaning vary depending on the template.

PostgreSQL 's text search features are described at length in Chapter 12 .

Table 52.59. pg_ts_dict Columns

Column Type


oid oid

Row identifier

dictname name

Text search dictionary name

dictnamespace oid (references pg_namespace . oid )

The OID of the namespace that contains this dictionary

dictowner oid (references pg_authid . oid )

Owner of the dictionary

dicttemplate oid (references pg_ts_template . oid )

The OID of the text search template for this dictionary

dictinitoption text

Initialization option string for the template