52.77. pg_prepared_statements

The pg_prepared_statements view displays all the prepared statements that are available in the current session. See PREPARE for more information about prepared statements.

pg_prepared_statements contains one row for each prepared statement. Rows are added to the view when a new prepared statement is created and removed when a prepared statement is released (for example, via the DEALLOCATE command).

Table 52.78. pg_prepared_statements Columns

Column Type


name text

The identifier of the prepared statement

statement text

The query string submitted by the client to create this prepared statement. For prepared statements created via SQL, this is the PREPARE statement submitted by the client. For prepared statements created via the frontend/backend protocol, this is the text of the prepared statement itself.

prepare_time timestamptz

The time at which the prepared statement was created

parameter_types regtype[]

The expected parameter types for the prepared statement in the form of an array of regtype . The OID corresponding to an element of this array can be obtained by casting the regtype value to oid .

from_sql bool

true if the prepared statement was created via the PREPARE SQL command; false if the statement was prepared via the frontend/backend protocol

generic_plans int8

Number of times generic plan was chosen

custom_plans int8

Number of times custom plan was chosen

The pg_prepared_statements view is read-only.