52.87. pg_shadow

The view pg_shadow exists for backwards compatibility: it emulates a catalog that existed in PostgreSQL before version 8.1. It shows properties of all roles that are marked as rolcanlogin in pg_authid .

The name stems from the fact that this table should not be readable by the public since it contains passwords. pg_user is a publicly readable view on pg_shadow that blanks out the password field.

Table 52.88. pg_shadow Columns

Column Type


usename name (references pg_authid . rolname )

User name

usesysid oid (references pg_authid . oid )

ID of this user

usecreatedb bool

User can create databases

usesuper bool

User is a superuser

userepl bool

User can initiate streaming replication and put the system in and out of backup mode.

usebypassrls bool

User bypasses every row-level security policy, see Section 5.8 for more information.

passwd text

Password (possibly encrypted); null if none. See pg_authid for details of how encrypted passwords are stored.

valuntil timestamptz

Password expiry time (only used for password authentication)

useconfig text[]

Session defaults for run-time configuration variables