54.16. pg_prepared_xacts

The view pg_prepared_xacts displays information about transactions that are currently prepared for two-phase commit (see PREPARE TRANSACTION for details).

pg_prepared_xacts contains one row per prepared transaction. An entry is removed when the transaction is committed or rolled back.

Table 54.16. pg_prepared_xacts Columns

Column Type


transaction xid

Numeric transaction identifier of the prepared transaction

gid text

Global transaction identifier that was assigned to the transaction

prepared timestamptz

Time at which the transaction was prepared for commit

owner name (references pg_authid . rolname )

Name of the user that executed the transaction

database name (references pg_database . datname )

Name of the database in which the transaction was executed

When the pg_prepared_xacts view is accessed, the internal transaction manager data structures are momentarily locked, and a copy is made for the view to display. This ensures that the view produces a consistent set of results, while not blocking normal operations longer than necessary. Nonetheless there could be some impact on database performance if this view is frequently accessed.