- tzinfo implementations for Psycopg 2

Deprecated since version 2.9: The module will be dropped in psycopg 2.10. Use datetime.timezone instead.

This module holds two different tzinfo implementations that can be used as the tzinfo argument to datetime constructors, directly passed to Psycopg functions or used to set the cursor.tzinfo_factory attribute in cursors.

class FixedOffsetTimezone ( offset = None , name = None )

Fixed offset in minutes east from UTC.

This is exactly the implementation found in Python 2.3.x documentation, with a small change to the __init__() method to allow for pickling and a default name in the form sHH:MM ( s is the sign.).

The implementation also caches instances. During creation, if a FixedOffsetTimezone instance has previously been created with the same offset and name that instance will be returned. This saves memory and improves comparability.

Changed in version 2.9: The constructor can take either a timedelta or a number of minutes of offset. Previously only minutes were supported.

class LocalTimezone

Platform idea of local timezone.

This is the exact implementation from the Python 2.3 documentation.