Visual dashboards are created from the collected and stored data that crunchy-collect and crunchy-prometheus provide for the crunchy-grafana container, which hosts an open source web-based graphing dashboard called Grafana.

Grafana is a platform which can then apply the defined metrics and visualize information through various tools. It is extremely flexible with a powerful query and transformation language, producing beautiful and easily understandable graphics to analyze and monitor your data.

By default, crunchy-grafana will register the Prometheus datasource within Grafana and import a pre-made dashboard for PostgreSQL monitoring.

The crunchy-grafana container must be able to reach the crunchy-prometheus container.

Users must specify an administrator username and password to provide basic authentication for the web frontend. Additionally, the Prometheus hostname and port number are required. If Prometheus uses basic authentication, users must specify the username and password to access Prometheus via environment variables.

A user may define a custom defaults.ini file and mount to /conf for custom configuration. For configuration examples, see here.

The following port is exposed by the crunchy-grafana container:

  • crunchy-grafana:3000 - the Grafana web user interface


The crunchy-grafana Docker image contains the following packages:

  • Grafana
  • CentOS7 - publicly available
  • UBI7 - customers only

Environment Variables


Name Default Description
ADMIN_USER None Specifies the administrator user to be used when logging into the web frontend.
ADMIN_PASS None Specifies the administrator password to be used when logging into the web frontend.
PROM_HOST None Specifies the Prometheus container hostname for auto registering the Prometheus datasource.
PROM_PORT None Specifies the Prometheus container port for auto registering the Prometheus datasource.


Name Default Description
INSTALL_DASHBOARDS true Set this option to false to prevent the Grafana container from installing the preinstalled pgMonitor PostgreSQL dashboards.
PROM_USER 5s Specifies the Prometheus username, if one is required.
PROM_PASS 5s Specifies the Prometheus password, if one is required.
CRUNCHY_DEBUG FALSE Set this to true to enable debugging in logs. Note: this mode can reveal secrets in logs.