Prometheus is a multi-dimensional time series data model with an elastic query language. It is used in collaboration with Grafana in this metrics suite. Overall, it’s reliable, manageable, and operationally simple for efficiently storing and analyzing data for large-scale environments. It scraps metrics from exporters such as the ones utilized by the crunchy-collect container. The crunchy-prometheus container must be able to reach the crunchy-collect container in order to to scrape metrics.

By default, crunchy-prometheus detects which environment its running on (Docker, Kubernetes, or OpenShift) and applies a default configuration. If this container is running on Kubernetes or OpenShift, it will use the Kubernetes API to discover pods with the label "crunchy-collect": "true". The crunchy-collect container must have this label defined in order to be discovered.

For Docker environments the crunchy-collect hostname must be specified as an environment variable.

A user may define a custom prometheus.yml file and mount to /conf for custom configuration. For configuration examples, see here.

The following port is exposed by the crunchy-prometheus container:

  • crunchy-prometheus:9090 - the Prometheus web user interface


The crunchy-prometheus Docker image contains the following packages:

  • Prometheus
  • CentOS7 - publicly available
  • UBI7 - customers only

Environment Variables


Name Default Description
COLLECT_HOST None Hostname of Crunchy Collect container. Only required in Docker environments.


Name Default Description
SCRAPE_INTERVAL 5s Set this value to the number of seconds to scrape metrics from exporters.
SCRAPE_TIMEOUT 5s Set this value to the number of seconds to timeout when scraping metrics from exporters.
CRUNCHY_DEBUG FALSE Set this to true to enable debugging in logs. Note: this mode can reveal secrets in logs.


Crunchy Prometheus queries Kubernetes to discover metric exporters and additional Kubernetes metadata. Due to the integration with Kubernetes, Crunchy Prometheus requires a service account with the following permissions:

  • Cluster Role
    • Pods: get, list, watch