Application Servers ConnectionPoolDataSource

PostgreSQL includes one implementation of ConnectionPoolDataSource named org.postgresql.ds.PGConnectionPoolDataSource .

JDBC requires that a ConnectionPoolDataSource be configured via JavaBean properties, shown in Table 11.1, " ConnectionPoolDataSource Configuration Properties" , so there are get and set methods for each of these properties.

Table 11.1. ConnectionPoolDataSource Configuration Properties

Property Type Description
serverName STRING PostgreSQL database server host name
databaseName STRING PostgreSQL database name
portNumber INT TCP port which the PostgreSQL database server is listening on (or 0 to use the default port)
user STRING User used to make database connections
password STRING Password used to make database connections
ssl BOOLEAN If `true`, use SSL encrypted connections (default `false`)
sslfactory STRING Custom `` class name (see the section called ["Custom SSLSocketFactory"](ssl-factory.html))
defaultAutoCommit BOOLEAN Whether connections should have autocommit enabled or disabled when they are supplied to the caller. The default is `false`, to disable autocommit.

Many application servers use a properties-style syntax to configure these properties, so it would not be unusual to enter properties as a block of text. If the application server provides a single area to enter all the properties, they might be listed like this:


Or, if semicolons are used as separators instead of newlines, it could look like this: