Appendix A. Appendix

Appendix A. Appendix

Release Notes

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A.1. PostGIS 3.4.0

A.1. PostGIS 3.4.0


This version requires PostgreSQL 12-16, GEOS 3.6 or higher, and Proj 6.1+. To take advantage of all features, GEOS 3.12+ is needed. To take advantage of all SFCGAL featurs, SFCGAL 1.4.1+ is needed.

NOTE: GEOS 3.12.0 details at GEOS 3.12.0 release notes

Many thanks to our translation teams, in particular:

Teramoto Ikuhiro (Japanese Team)

Vincent Bre (French Team)

There are 2 new ./configure switches:

  • --disable-extension-upgrades-install, will skip installing all the extension upgrade scripts except for the ANY--currentversion. If you use this, you can install select upgrades using the postgis commandline tool

  • --without-pgconfig, will build just the commandline tools raster2pgsql and shp2pgsql even if PostgreSQL is not installed

New features

5055 , complete manual internationalization (Sandro Santilli)

5052 , target version support in postgis_extensions_upgrade (Sandro Santilli)

5306 , expose version of GEOS at compile time (Sandro Santilli)

New install-extension-upgrades command in postgis script (Sandro Santilli)

5257 , 5261 , 5277 , Support changes for PostgreSQL 16 (Regina Obe)

5006 , 705 , ST_Transform: Support PROJ pipelines (Robert Coup, Koordinates)

5283 , [postgis_topology] RenameTopology (Sandro Santilli)

5286 , [postgis_topology] RenameTopoGeometryColumn (Sandro Santilli)

703 , [postgis_raster] Add min/max resampling as options (Christian Schroeder)

5336 , [postgis_topology] topogeometry cast to topoelement support (Regina Obe)

Allow singleton geometry to be inserted into Geometry(Multi*) columns (Paul Ramsey)

721 , New window-based ST_ClusterWithinWin and ST_ClusterIntersectingWin (Paul Ramsey)

5397 , [address_standardizer] debug_standardize_address function (Regina Obe)

5373 ST_LargestEmptyCircle, exposes extra semantics on circle finding. Geos 3.9+ required(Martin Davis)

5267 , ST_Project signature for geometry, and two-point signature (Paul Ramsey)

5267 , ST_LineExtend for extending linestrings (Paul Ramsey)

New coverage functions ST_CoverageInvalidEdges, ST_CoverageSimplify, ST_CoverageUnion (Paul Ramsey)


5194 , do not update system catalogs from postgis_extensions_upgrade (Sandro Santilli)

5092 , reduce number of upgrade paths installed on system (Sandro Santilli)

635 , honour --bindir (and --prefix) configure switch for executables (Sandro Santilli)

Honour --mandir (and --prefix) configure switch for man pages install path (Sandro Santilli)

Honour --htmldir (and --docdir and --prefix) configure switch for html pages install path (Sandro Santilli)

5447 Manual pages added for postgis and postgis_restore utilities (Sandro Santilli)

[postgis_topology] Speed up check of topology faces without edges (Sandro Santilli)

[postgis_topology] Speed up coincident nodes check in topology validation (Sandro Santilli)

718 , ST_QuantizeCoordinates(): speed-up implementation (Even Rouault)

Repair spatial planner stats to use computed selectivity for contains/within queries (Paul Ramsey)

734 , Additional metadata on Proj installation in postgis_proj_version (Paul Ramsey)

5177 , Allow building tools without PostgreSQL server headers. Respect prefix/bin for tools install (Sandro Santilli)

ST_Project signature for geometry, and two-point signature (Paul Ramsey)

4913 , ST_AsSVG support for curve types CircularString, CompoundCurve, MultiCurve, and MultiSurface (Regina Obe)

5266 , ST_ClosestPoint, ST_ShortestLine, ST_LineSubString support for geography type (MobilityDB Esteban Zimanyi, Maxime Schoemans, Paul Ramsey)

Breaking Changes

5229 , Drop support for Proj < 6.1 and PG 11 (Regina Obe)

5306 , 734 , postgis_full_version() and postgis_proj_version() now output more information about proj network configuration and data paths. GEOS compile-time version also shown if different from run-time (Paul Ramsey, Sandro Santilli)

5447 , renamed to postgis_restore (Sandro Santilli)

Utilities now installed in OS bin or user specified --bindir and --prefix instead of postgresql bin and extension stripped except on windows (postgis, postgis_restore, shp2pgsql, raster2pgsql, pgsql2shp, pgtopo_import, pgtopo_export)