Crunchy Data announces the release of PGO, the Postgres Operator 4.7.1 on July 29, 2021.

The PostgreSQL Operator is released in conjunction with the Crunchy Container Suite.

PostgreSQL Operator 4.7.1 release includes the following software versions upgrades:

  • Patroni is now at 2.1.0.


  • On using the built-in upgrade tool, the pg-pod-anti-affinity is now removed from the userlabels section of a pgclusters.crunchydata.com custom resource.
  • Ensure vendor label is propagated to all PGO managed objects. Reported by (@mdraijer).
  • Improvements to the pv/create-pv-nfs.sh script, which helps with provisioning persistent volumes when using NFS storage. Contributed by Adrian Galbenus (@agalbenus).


  • Allow backup configuration to be changed when a cluster is recreated. For example, allow backup configuration to change from posix to s3 within a new cluster.
  • Ensure a SQL policy that contains writes can be applied to a Postgres cluster after a failover.
  • Removed disable_fsgroup: false from the default installation setup. This allows the OpenShift autodetection code to work properly.
  • Fix issue in pgBackRest SSHD configuration bootstrap.