Crunchy Data announces the release of the PostgreSQL Operator 4.2.1 on January, 16, 2020.

The PostgreSQL Operator 4.2.1 provides bug fixes and continued support to the 4.2 release line.

The PostgreSQL Operator is released in conjunction with the Crunchy Container Suite.

PostgreSQL Operator is tested with Kubernetes 1.13+, OpenShift 3.11+, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and VMware Enterprise PKS 1.3+.


  • Ensure Pod labels are updated after failover (#1218)
  • Fix for scheduled tasks to continue executing even after pgo delete schedule is called (#1215)
  • Ensure pgo restore carries through the --node-label to the new primary (#1206)
  • Fix for displaying incorrect replica names with the --query flag on pgo scaledown/pgo failover after a failover occurred
  • Fix for default CA exclusion for the Windows-based pgo client
  • Fix a race condition where the pgo-rmdata job could fail when doing its final pass on deleting PVCs. This went unnoticed as it was the final task to occur
  • Fix image pull policy for the pgo-client container to match the project default (IfNotPresent)
  • Update the “Create CRD Example” to reference the crunchy-postgres-ha container
  • Update comments used for the API documentation generation via Swagger
  • Update the directions for running the PostgreSQL Operator from the GCP Marketplace deployer
  • Updated OLM installer example and added generation script
  • Update the “cron” package to v3.0.1