Crunchy Data announces the release of Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0.2.

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is powered by PGO, the open source Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data. PGO is released in conjunction with the Crunchy Container Suite.

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0.2 includes the following software versions upgrades:

  • PostgreSQL is updated to 13.4, 12.8, 11.13, and 10.18.
  • PL/Tcl is now included in the PostGIS (crunchy-postgres-gis-ha) container.
  • The TimescaleDB extension is now at version 2.4.0.
  • The set_user extension is now at version 2.0.1.

Read more about how you can get started with Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes. We recommend forking the Postgres Operator examples repo.