54.1. Overview

Table 54.1 lists the system views. More detailed documentation of each catalog follows below. Except where noted, all the views described here are read-only.

Table 54.1. System Views

View Name Purpose
pg_available_extensions available extensions
pg_available_extension_versions available versions of extensions
pg_backend_memory_contexts backend memory contexts
pg_config compile-time configuration parameters
pg_cursors open cursors
pg_file_settings summary of configuration file contents
pg_group groups of database users
pg_hba_file_rules summary of client authentication configuration file contents
pg_ident_file_mappings summary of client user name mapping configuration file contents
pg_indexes indexes
pg_locks locks currently held or awaited
pg_matviews materialized views
pg_policies policies
pg_prepared_statements prepared statements
pg_prepared_xacts prepared transactions
pg_publication_tables publications and information of their associated tables
pg_replication_origin_status information about replication origins, including replication progress
pg_replication_slots replication slot information
pg_roles database roles
pg_rules rules
pg_seclabels security labels
pg_sequences sequences
pg_settings parameter settings
pg_shadow database users
pg_shmem_allocations shared memory allocations
pg_stats planner statistics
pg_stats_ext extended planner statistics
pg_stats_ext_exprs extended planner statistics for expressions
pg_tables tables
pg_timezone_abbrevs time zone abbreviations
pg_timezone_names time zone names
pg_user database users
pg_user_mappings user mappings
pg_views views