53.50. pg_shseclabel

The catalog pg_shseclabel stores security labels on shared database objects. Security labels can be manipulated with the SECURITY LABEL command. For an easier way to view security labels, see Section 54.22 .

See also pg_seclabel , which performs a similar function for security labels involving objects within a single database.

Unlike most system catalogs, pg_shseclabel is shared across all databases of a cluster: there is only one copy of pg_shseclabel per cluster, not one per database.

Table 53.50. pg_shseclabel Columns

Column Type


objoid oid (references any OID column)

The OID of the object this security label pertains to

classoid oid (references pg_class . oid )

The OID of the system catalog this object appears in

provider text

The label provider associated with this label.

label text

The security label applied to this object.