36.14. Embedded SQL Commands

ALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR - allocate an SQL descriptor area
CONNECT - establish a database connection
DEALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR - deallocate an SQL descriptor area
DECLARE - define a cursor
DECLARE STATEMENT - declare SQL statement identifier
DESCRIBE - obtain information about a prepared statement or result set
DISCONNECT - terminate a database connection
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE - dynamically prepare and execute a statement
GET DESCRIPTOR - get information from an SQL descriptor area
OPEN - open a dynamic cursor
PREPARE - prepare a statement for execution
SET AUTOCOMMIT - set the autocommit behavior of the current session
SET CONNECTION - select a database connection
SET DESCRIPTOR - set information in an SQL descriptor area
TYPE - define a new data type
VAR - define a variable
WHENEVER - specify the action to be taken when an SQL statement causes a specific class condition to be raised

This section describes all SQL commands that are specific to embedded SQL. Also refer to the SQL commands listed in SQL Commands , which can also be used in embedded SQL, unless stated otherwise.