Crunchy Spatial


This is the documentation for pg_featureserv.

pg_featureserv is a PostGIS-based feature server written in Go. It is a lightweight, low-configuration RESTful web service that provides access to spatial data stored in PostGIS tables, as well as spatial processing capability based on PostGIS spatial functions.

pg_featureserv supports a wide variety of situations where web access to spatial data enables richer functionality. Use cases include:

  • Display features at a point or in an area of interest
  • Query features using spatial and/or attribute filters
  • Retrieve features for use in a web application (e.g. for tabular or map display)
  • Download spatial data for use in applications

This guide walks you through how to install and use pg_featureserv for your spatial applications. See Quick Start to learn how to get the service up and running with a spatial database. The Usage section goes in-depth on how the service works. We’re continuing to add basic examples of working with feature data from pg_featureserv.