To install pg_featureserv, download the binary file. Alternatively, you may run a container. These first two options will suit most use cases; needing to build the executable from source is rare.

A. Download binaries

Builds of the latest code:

Unzip the file, copy the pg_featureserv binary wherever you wish, or use it in place. If you move the binary, remember to move the assets/ directory to the same location, or start the server using the AssetsDir configuration option.

B. Run container

A Docker image is available on DockerHub:

When you run the container, provide the database connection information in the DATABASE_URL environment variable and map the default service port (9000).

docker run -e DATABASE_URL=postgres://username:password@host/dbname -p 9000:9000 pramsey/pg_featureserv

C. Build from source

If not already installed, install the Go software development environment. Make sure that the GOPATH environment variable is also set.

The application can downloaded and built with the following commands:

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
cd pg_featureserv
go build

To run the build to verify it, set the DATABASE_URL environment variable to the database you want to connect to, and run the binary.

export DATABASE_URL=postgres://username:password@host/dbname