Debugging PL/Java C code

Ensure the native code is compiled for debugging

Debugging is much more pleasant when the C code has been compiled with debugging information included. Edit the pljava-so/pom.xml file, find the <c>...</c> section, and add `true:


Save the pom.xml file and rebuild PL/Java (or just the pljava-so subproject, to save time).

Start PL/Java and attach a debugger

Start psql and set the PL/Java debug flag, and issue a call to some Java function.

 set pljava.debug to on;
 select sqlj.get_classpath();

You will see a message resembling this:

INFO:  Backend pid = 2830. Attach the debugger and set pljavaDebug
to false to continue

Use another window and attatch gdb or another debugger.

 gdb <full path to the postgres executable> <your Backend pid>

The debugger will break into the PL/Java code while it is in a dummy loop. You can break this loop by setting the global variable pljavaDebug to false. You then have the ability to set breakpoints etc. before you continue execution.

 (gdb) set pljavaDebug=0
 (gdb) <set breakpoints etc. here>
 (gdb) cont

That’s it!