Uninstalling PostgreSQL Operator

Uninstalling PostgreSQL Operator

The following assumes the proper prerequisites are satisfied we can now deprovision the PostgreSQL Operator.

First, it is recommended to use the playbooks tagged with the same version of the PostgreSQL Operator currently deployed.

With the correct playbooks acquired and prerequisites satisfied, simply run the following command:

ansible-playbook -i /path/to/inventory --tags=deprovision --ask-become-pass main.yml

If the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator playbooks were installed using yum, use the following commands:

export ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH=/usr/share/ansible/roles/crunchydata

ansible-playbook -i /path/to/inventory --tags=deprovision --ask-become-pass \

Deleting pgo Client

If variable pgo_client_install is set to true in the inventory file, the pgo client will also be uninstalled when deprovisioning.

Otherwise, the pgo client can be manually uninstalled by running the following command:

rm /usr/local/bin/pgo