PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.6 Released

Known issues

  • Waffle has dropped support for 1.6, 1.7 as such the new waffle 1.9.x is only available in jre8
  • Microseconds in timestamps might be truncated when transferred in binary mode
  • 24:00 time handling is not consistent issue 1385
  • Unexpected packet type during stream replication issue 1466
  • Driver goes missing after OSGi bundle restart issue 1476


  • Change IS_GENERATED to IS_GENERATEDCOLUMN as per spec PR 1485
  • Fix missing metadata columns, and misspelled columns in PgDatabaseMetaData#getTables PR 1323


  • CI tests with Java 11, and Java EA
  • Support temporary replication slots in ReplicationCreateSlotBuilder PR 1306
  • Support PostgreSQL 11, 12
  • Return function (PostgreSQL 11) columns in PgDatabaseMetaData#getFunctionColumns
  • Return information on create replication slot, now the snapshot_name is exported to allow a consistent snapshot in some uses cases. PR 1335


  • Fixed async copy performance (1ms per op) in SSL mode PR 1314
  • Return Double. NaN for ‘NaN’::numeric PR 1304
  • Performance issue in PgDatabaseMetaData#getTypeInfo with lots of types in DB PR 1302
  • PGCopyInputStream#read should cap values to [0, 255], -1 PR 1349
  • Fixes LocalDateTime handling of BC dates PR 1388
  • Release savepoints in autosave mode to prevent out of shared memory errors at the server side PR 1409
  • Fix execution with big decimal in simple query mode. PR 1463
  • Fix rounding for timestamps truncated to dates before 1970 PR 1502

Commits by author

Adam Brusselback (1):

  • Add method alias’s for each property which didn’t use the conventiona… PR 1436 0efcf81c

AlexElin (6):

Andrew Guibert (1):

Craig Ringer (2):

  • fix: NPE in PGXAConnection$ConnectionHandler.invoke() of .equals(null) PR 1365 cea5231b
  • Update waffle-jna to new artifact coordinates PR 1383 72dc692e

Dave Cramer (31):

Dmitriy Tseyler (1):

Doug Mayer (1):

  • Add core type delimiters into cache for array type OIDs. PR 1416 6a0960a6

Harry Chan (1):

Ivan Leskin (1):

Jorge Solorzano (2):

Kamal Kumlien (1):

Kevin Wooten (1):

Krzysztof Szafrański (1):

Marc Dean (1):

Mark Nguyen (1):

Mykola Nikishov (2):

Nikolai Ivanov (1):

Philip Sanetra (1):

  • feat: Extend ReplicationCreateSlotBuilder DSL to support temporary replications slots PR 1306 d514ceb5

Sehrope Sarkuni (4):

Sualeh Fatehi (2):

  • Fix: getFunctionColumns used to return ProcedureColumns, now returns function columns b8a86807
  • Update testing documents, and point to jackdb/pgjdbc-test-vm PR 1363 2a715a98

Tyson Andre (1):

Vladimir Sitnikov (9):

  • docs: reflect 42.2.5 release in d43398a5
  • perf: fix 1ms per async CopyAPI (regression since 42.2.5) PR 1314 e2623d63
  • chore: use openjdk7 to boostrap Travis CI images for JDK 6 PR 1366 cdfd49cf
  • test: avoid locale-dependent output in SetObject310Test ef14ceae
  • fix: date rounding errors for dates before 1970 b5653899
  • docs: update translation files 9fcaa98e
  • fix: temporary make LibPQFactory. ConsoleCallbackHandler public 95d8da60
  • Update pgjdbc-parent-poms to 1.1.6 to use updated waffle-jna f0a297db
  • Update changelog for 42.2.6 8944fa67

itchyny (1):

jajalvipul (1):

  • Added break statement to avoid the additional iterations in for loop PR 1406 6b13f7b7

kaiwangchen (1):

kazachka (2):

maltalex (1):

pbillen (1):

  • Allow setFlushedLSN(lsn) and setAppliedLSN(lsn) from outside main loop PR 1329 381cf45c

rnveach (1):

Contributors to this release

We thank the following people for their contributions to this release.

Adam Brusselback


Andrew Guibert

Craig Ringer

Dave Cramer

Dmitriy Tseyler

Doug Mayer

Harry Chan


Ivan Leskin


Jorge Solorzano


Kamal Kumlien


Kevin Wooten

Krzysztof Szafrański


Marc Dean

Mark Nguyen

Mykola Nikishov

Nikolai Ivanov


Philip Sanetra


Sehrope Sarkuni

Sualeh Fatehi

Tyson Andre

Vladimir Sitnikov