PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.3.1 Released


  • improv: Arrays in Object[] PR 2330 when an Object[] contains other arrays, treat as though it were a multi-dimensional array the one exception is byte[], which is not supported.
  • improv: Use jre utf-8 decoding PR 2317 Remove use of custom utf-8 decoding.
  • perf: improve performance of bytea string decoding PR 2320 improve the parsing of bytea hex encoded string by making a lookup table for each of the valid ascii code points to the 4 bit numeric value
  • feat: intern/canonicalize common strings PR 2234



  • numeric binary decode for even 10 thousands PR #2327 fixes Issue 2326 binary numeric values which represented integers multiples of 10, 000 from 10, 000-9, 990, 000 were not decoded correctly
  • [typo] typo in certdir/ PR #2309 certificatess => certificates
  • [typo] typo in PR #2314 Change Greagorian to Gregorian.
  • remove check for negative pid in cancel request. Apparently pgbouncer can send one fixes Issue 2317 PR #2319

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