PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.13 Released

The primary reason to release this version and to continue the 42.2.x branch is for CVE-2020-13692. Reported by David Dworken this is an XXE and more information can be found here Sehrope Sarkuni reworked the XML parsing to provide a solution in commit 14b62aca4 The build system has been changed to Gradle thanks to Vladimir PR 1627 Regression: com.github.waffle:waffle-jna, org.osgi:org.osgi.core, org.osgi:org.osgi.enterprise dependencies are listed as non-optional issue 1975.


  • jre-6 was added back to allow us to release fixes for all artifacts in the 42.2.x branch PR 1787


  • I/O error ru translation PR 1756
  • Issue 1771 PgDatabaseMetaData.getFunctions() returns procedures fixed in PR 1774
  • getTypeMap() returning null PR 1781
  • Updated openssl example command PR 1763
  • fix documentation with ordered list to be displayed correctly PR 1783

Commits by author

Andrei Arkaev (1):

Benjamin van der Veen (1):

Dave Cramer (6):

ItaiFonio (1):

Jean-Christophe Arnu (1):

Kim Johan Andersson (1):

  • Use generatedKeys to fetch sequence values on insertRow() PR 1743 9f398c53

Sehrope Sarkuni (2):

  • fix: Update checkstyle command in PR template to reference gradle PR 1780 4ddbcb7d
  • Merge pull request from GHSA-37xm-4h3m-5w3v 14b62aca

Vladimir Sitnikov (14):

  • chore: migrate build scripts to Gradle 9f396707
  • Add source distribution d2e4f585
  • Re-add benchmarks module 409bd25a
  • Fix comparisons in b80ebcef
  • Configure core.autocrlf in AppVeyor cb370106
  • Inline COPY_ERROR_MESSAGE so it can be localized properly 9a0dbf1b
  • chore: update po files with the current messages bb36e362
  • chore: make benchmarks executable from IDEA 99ba94ec
  • chore: move code style verification to GitHub Actions job 9da29740
  • chore: show the current PostgreSQL HEAD commit id in Travis log 332b0719
  • chore: re-add pgjdbc-jre6 build PR 1787 d224acd0
  • chore: use REL$buildVersion for the release version as it was previously 148840d3
  • chore: fix artifactid and version for -jre6 and -jre7 artifacts 97e2e8f5
  • chore: include META-INF/services/java.sql. Driver for jre7 and jre6 jars 5ca2b9e7

kili668 (1):

Contributors to this release

We thank the following people for their contributions to this release.

Andrei Arkaev

Benjamin van der Veen

Dave Cramer


Jean-Christophe Arnu


Kim Johan Andersson

Sehrope Sarkuni

Vladimir Sitnikov