Custom Configuration

Custom Postgres Configurations

Users and administrators can specify a custom set of Postgres configuration files be used when creating a new Postgres cluster. The configuration files you can change include -

  • postgresql.conf
  • pg_hba.conf
  • setup.sql

Different configurations for PostgreSQL might be defined for the following -

  • OLTP types of databases
  • OLAP types of databases
  • High Memory
  • Minimal Configuration for Development
  • Project Specific configurations
  • Special Security Requirements

Global ConfigMap

If you create a configMap called pgo-custom-pg-config with any of the above files within it, new clusters will use those configuration files when setting up a new database instance. You do NOT have to specify all of the configuration files. It is entirely up to your use case to determine which to use.

An example set of configuration files and a script to create the global configMap is found at


If you run the script there, it will create the configMap that will include the PostgreSQL configuration files within that directory.

Config Files Purpose

The postgresql.conf file is the main Postgresql configuration file that allows the definition of a wide variety of tuning parameters and features.

The pg_hba.conf file is the way Postgresql secures client access.

The setup.sql file is a Crunchy Container Suite configuration file used to initially populate the database after the initial initdb is run when the database is first created. Changes would be made to this if you wanted to define which database objects are created by default.

Granular Config Maps

Granular config maps can be defined if it is necessary to use a different set of configuration files for different clusters rather than having a single configuration (e.g. Global Config Map). A specific set of ConfigMaps with their own set of PostgreSQL configuration files can be created. When creating new clusters, a --custom-config flag can be passed along with the name of the ConfigMap which will be used for that specific cluster or set of clusters.


If there is no reason to change the default PostgreSQL configuration files that ship with the Crunchy Postgres container, there is no requirement to. In this event, continue using the Operator as usual and avoid defining a global configMap.