The following is required prior to installing PostgreSQL Operator:

  • Kubernetes v1.13+
  • Red Hat OpenShift v3.11+
  • VMWare Enterprise PKS 1.3+
  • kubectl or oc configured to communicate with Kubernetes

Container Ports

The API server port is required to connect to the API server with the pgo cli. The nsqd and nsqadmin ports are required to connect to the event stream and listen for real-time events.

Container Port
API Server 8443
nsqadmin 4151
nsqd 4150

Service Ports

This is a list of service ports that are used in the PostgreSQL Operator. Verify that the ports are open and can be used.

Service Port
PostgreSQL 5432
pgbouncer 5432
pgbackrest 2022
postgres-exporter 9187

Application Ports

This is a list of ports used by application containers that connect to the PostgreSQL Operator. If you are using one of these apps, verify that the service port for that app is open and can be used.

App Port
pgbadger 10000
Grafana 3000
Prometheus 9090