Operator Environment

For various scripts used by the Operator, the expenv utility is required as are certain environment variables.

Download the expenv utility from its Github Releases page, and place it into your PATH (e.g. $HOME/odev/bin).

The following environment variables are heavily used in the Bash installation procedures and may be used in Operator helper scripts.

Variable Ansible Inventory Example Description
DISABLE_EVENTING pgo_disable_eventing false Disable Operator eventing subsystem
DISABLE_TLS pgo_disable_tls false Disable TLS for Operator
GOPATH $HOME/odev Golang project directory
GOBIN $GOPATH/bin Golang binary target directory
NAMESPACE namespace pgouser1 Namespaces monitored by Operator
PGOROOT $GOPATH/src/github.com/crunchydata/postgres-operator Operator repository location
PGO_APISERVER_PORT pgo_apiserver_port 8443 HTTP(S) port for Operator API server
PGO_BASEOS centos7 Base OS for container images
PGO_CA_CERT $PGOROOT/conf/postgres-operator/server.crt Server certificate and CA trust
PGO_CMD kubectl Cluster management tool executable
PGO_CLIENT_CERT $PGOROOT/conf/postgres-operator/server.crt TLS Client certificate
PGO_CLIENT_KEY $PGOROOT/conf/postgres-operator/server.crt TLS Client certificate private key
PGO_IMAGE_PREFIX pgo_image_prefix crunchydata Container image prefix
PGO_IMAGE_TAG pgo_image_tag $PGO_BASEOS-$PGO_VERSION OS/Version tagging info for images
PGO_INSTALLATION_NAME pgo_installation_name devtest Unique name given to Operator installation
PGO_OPERATOR_NAMESPACE pgo_operator_namespace pgo Kubernetes namespace for the operator
PGO_VERSION 4.2.2 Operator version
TLS_NO_VERIFY pgo_tls_no_verify false Disable certificate verification (e.g. strict hostname checking)
TLS_CA_TRUST pgo_tls_ca_store /var/pki/my_cas.crt PEM-encoded list of trusted CA certificates
ADD_OS_TRUSTSTORE pgo_add_os_ca_store false Adds OS root trust collection to apiserver
NOAUTH_ROUTES pgo_noauth_routes ”/health” Disable mTLS and HTTP BasicAuth for listed routes
EXCLUDE_OS_TRUST false* Excludes OS root trust from pgo client (defaults to true for windows clients)
examples/envs.sh contains the above variable definitions as well