Release Notes

PostgreSQL Version Releases

Crunchy Data offers several versions of PostgreSQL for PCF tiles, each providing a different major version of PosgreSQL to fit your needs.

Each major version of PostgreSQL receives their own line of releases. These lines can be upgraded between minor versions with little or no preparation.

PostgreSQL minor releases never change the internal storage format and are always compatible with earlier and later minor releases of the same major version number. For example, v9.5.2 is compatible with v9.5, v9.5.1, v9.5.6, and so on. Upgrades between minor versions of PostgreSQL allow for in-place upgrades because of this compatibility.

However, for major releases of PostgreSQL, the internal data storage format is subject to change, thus complicating upgrades. The traditional method for moving data to a new major version is to dump and reload the database.

New major versions of PostgreSQL also typically introduce some user-visible incompatibilities, so application programming changes may be required. Cautious users test their client applications on the new version before switching over fully.

As such, Crunchy Data recommends setting up concurrent installations of old and new major versions of the Tile, and performing a migration.

Crunchy Data provides a suite of tools to assist customers with these types of migrations. For more information on upgrading from one major release to another, please refer to the Data Migration section.

Release Notes

Notes for each Crunchy PostgreSQL for Pivotal Cloud Foundry release line are listed in the following sections, organized by PostgreSQL release.