SC - System And Communications Protection


2019-04-12 13:01:48.067729




Control Description Status
SC-1 System And Communications Protection Policy And Procedures skipped
SC-2 Application Partitioning failed
SC-3 Security Function Isolation passed
SC-4 Information In Shared Resources passed
SC-5 Denial Of Service Protection skipped
SC-6 Resource Availability skipped
SC-7 Boundary Protection skipped
SC-8 Transmission Confidentiality And Integrity failed
SC-9 Transmission Confidentiality skipped
SC-10 Network Disconnect skipped
SC-11 Trusted Path skipped
SC-12 Cryptographic Key Establishment And Management skipped
SC-13 Cryptographic Protection failed
SC-14 Public Access Protections skipped
SC-15 Collaborative Computing Devices skipped
SC-16 Transmission Of Security Attributes skipped
SC-17 Public Key Infrastructure Certificates skipped
SC-18 Mobile Code skipped
SC-19 Voice Over Internet Protocol skipped
SC-20 Secure Name / Address Resolution Service (Authoritative Source) skipped
SC-21 Secure Name / Address Resolution Service (Recursive Or Caching Resolver) skipped
SC-22 Architecture And Provisioning For Name / Address Resolution Service skipped
SC-23 Session Authenticity failed
SC-24 Fail In Known State skipped
SC-25 Thin Nodes skipped
SC-26 Honeypots skipped
SC-27 Platform-Independent Applications skipped
SC-28 Protection Of Information At Rest passed
SC-29 Heterogeneity skipped
SC-30 Concealment And Misdirection skipped
SC-31 Covert Channel Analysis skipped
SC-32 Information System Partitioning skipped
SC-33 Transmission Preparation Integrity skipped
SC-34 Non-Modifiable Executable Programs skipped
SC-35 Honeyclients skipped
SC-36 Distributed Processing And Storage skipped
SC-37 Out-Of-Band Channels skipped
SC-38 Operations Security skipped
SC-39 Process Isolation skipped
SC-40 Wireless Link Protection skipped
SC-41 Port And I/o Device Access skipped
SC-42 Sensor Capability And Data skipped
SC-43 Usage Restrictions skipped
SC-44 Detonation Chambers skipped