AC - Access Control


2019-05-20 15:48:11.984914




Control Description Status
AC-1 Access Control Policy And Procedures skipped
AC-2 Account Management skipped
AC-3 Access Enforcement passed
AC-4 Information Flow Enforcement skipped
AC-5 Separation Of Duties skipped
AC-6 Least Privilege failed
AC-7 Unsuccessful Logon Attempts skipped
AC-8 System Use Notification skipped
AC-9 Previous Logon (Access) Notification skipped
AC-10 Concurrent Session Control passed
AC-11 Session Lock skipped
AC-12 Session Termination skipped
AC-13 Supervision And Review - Access Control skipped
AC-14 Permitted Actions Without Identification Or Authentication skipped
AC-15 Automated Marking skipped
AC-16 Security Attributes skipped
AC-17 Remote Access skipped
AC-18 Wireless Access skipped
AC-19 Access Control For Mobile Devices skipped
AC-20 Use Of External Information Systems skipped
AC-21 Information Sharing skipped
AC-22 Publicly Accessible Content skipped
AC-23 Data Mining Protection skipped
AC-24 Access Control Decisions skipped
AC-25 Reference Monitor skipped