PM-9: Risk Management Strategy


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The organization:

Code Description
PM-9a. Develops a comprehensive strategy to manage risk to organizational operations and assets, individuals, other organizations, and the Nation associated with the operation and use of information systems;
PM-9b. Implements the risk management strategy consistently across the organization; and
PM-9c. Reviews and updates the risk management strategy [Assignment: organization-defined frequency] or as required, to address organizational changes.

Additional Guidance

An organization-wide risk management strategy includes, for example, an unambiguous expression of the risk tolerance for the organization, acceptable risk assessment methodologies, risk mitigation strategies, a process for consistently evaluating risk across the organization with respect to the organization´┐Żs risk tolerance, and approaches for monitoring risk over time. The use of a risk executive function can facilitate consistent, organization-wide application of the risk management strategy. The organization-wide risk management strategy can be informed by risk-related inputs from other sources both internal and external to the organization to ensure the strategy is both broad-based and comprehensive.