SA - System And Services Acquisition


2019-04-12 13:01:48.067729




Control Description Status
SA-1 System And Services Acquisition Policy And Procedures skipped
SA-2 Allocation Of Resources skipped
SA-3 System Development Life Cycle skipped
SA-4 Acquisition Process skipped
SA-5 Information System Documentation skipped
SA-6 Software Usage Restrictions skipped
SA-7 User-Installed Software skipped
SA-8 Security Engineering Principles skipped
SA-9 External Information System Services skipped
SA-10 Developer Configuration Management skipped
SA-11 Developer Security Testing And Evaluation skipped
SA-12 Supply Chain Protection skipped
SA-13 Trustworthiness skipped
SA-14 Criticality Analysis skipped
SA-15 Development Process, Standards, And Tools skipped
SA-16 Developer-Provided Training skipped
SA-17 Developer Security Architecture And Design skipped
SA-18 Tamper Resistance And Detection skipped
SA-19 Component Authenticity skipped
SA-20 Customized Development Of Critical Components skipped
SA-21 Developer Screening skipped
SA-22 Unsupported System Components skipped