PE - Physical And Environmental Protection


2019-05-20 15:48:11.984914




Control Description Status
PE-1 Physical And Environmental Protection Policy And Procedures skipped
PE-2 Physical Access Authorizations skipped
PE-3 Physical Access Control skipped
PE-4 Access Control For Transmission Medium skipped
PE-5 Access Control For Output Devices skipped
PE-6 Monitoring Physical Access skipped
PE-7 Visitor Control skipped
PE-8 Visitor Access Records skipped
PE-9 Power Equipment And Cabling skipped
PE-10 Emergency Shutoff skipped
PE-11 Emergency Power skipped
PE-12 Emergency Lighting skipped
PE-13 Fire Protection skipped
PE-14 Temperature And Humidity Controls skipped
PE-15 Water Damage Protection skipped
PE-16 Delivery And Removal skipped
PE-17 Alternate Work Site skipped
PE-18 Location Of Information System Components skipped
PE-19 Information Leakage skipped
PE-20 Asset Monitoring And Tracking skipped