AU - Audit And Accountability


2019-04-12 13:01:48.067729




Control Description Status
AU-1 Audit And Accountability Policy And Procedures skipped
AU-2 Audit Events skipped
AU-3 Content Of Audit Records failed
AU-4 Audit Storage Capacity skipped
AU-5 Response To Audit Processing Failures skipped
AU-6 Audit Review, Analysis, And Reporting skipped
AU-7 Audit Reduction And Report Generation skipped
AU-8 Time Stamps passed
AU-9 Protection Of Audit Information passed
AU-10 Non-Repudiation passed
AU-11 Audit Record Retention skipped
AU-12 Audit Generation failed
AU-13 Monitoring For Information Disclosure skipped
AU-14 Session Audit failed
AU-15 Alternate Audit Capability skipped
AU-16 Cross-Organizational Auditing skipped