PM - Program Management


2019-04-12 13:01:48.067729




Control Description Status
PM-1 Information Security Program Plan skipped
PM-2 Senior Information Security Officer skipped
PM-3 Information Security Resources skipped
PM-4 Plan Of Action And Milestones Process skipped
PM-5 Information System Inventory skipped
PM-6 Information Security Measures Of Performance skipped
PM-7 Enterprise Architecture skipped
PM-8 Critical Infrastructure Plan skipped
PM-9 Risk Management Strategy skipped
PM-10 Security Authorization Process skipped
PM-11 Mission/business Process Definition skipped
PM-12 Insider Threat Program skipped
PM-13 Information Security Workforce skipped
PM-14 Testing, Training, And Monitoring skipped
PM-15 Contacts With Security Groups And Associations skipped
PM-16 Threat Awareness Program skipped